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Welcome to our versatile platform, where we cater to the needs of both individual consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B) worldwide.

For our valued B2C customers, our user-friendly website allows you to effortlessly browse, select, and purchase heavy equipment and machinery spare parts with just a few clicks.

Simply add your desired items to the cart, adjust quantities as needed, proceed to our secure checkout, and await the timely delivery of genuine parts to your doorstep.

Spare Parts- If it's not listed, we'll still get it.

For our esteemed B2B clients, we understand the importance of efficiency in procurement. Companies can opt for a streamlined process by submitting inquiries through our ‘Bulk Spare Parts‘ form. This form facilitates the upload of inquiries in an Excel sheet, following a structured format of Brand, Part Number, and Quantity. Alternatively, businesses can directly contact our dedicated sales team via

email at,

ensuring a prompt and tailored response to meet their specific requirements. At Autoverse, whether you’re an individual enthusiast or a global enterprise, we are committed to providing a seamless and efficient experience for all your heavy equipment spare parts needs.



We’re committed to minimizing machinery downtime. With a comprehensive inventory of spare parts and international air shipping, we ensure timely delivery of genuine parts. Say goodbye to unexpected downtimes and rest assured that your machinery will keep running smoothly in the future



Explore an extensive range of heavy equipment parts and accessories at, your go-to solution for off-highway, construction, and mining needs. Our diverse collection is readily available at our Dubai and Sharjah warehouses, ensuring swift access to essential components.

 When you make a purchase, there’s no lengthy wait – all items are prepared for immediate shipment from the warehouse directly to your garage.

 At, our operations are exclusively online, allowing for seamless transactions and efficient shipping. In the rare event that an item is temporarily out of stock, take advantage of our back-order services for a hassle-free procurement process.

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